Rachel Bradley, Sales Associate

Considering a Move to Hawaii?


If you've visited Hawaii, you've probably laid on a sandy beach, looked out at the turquoise water, and thought to yourself, at some point, I should just move here. And that's exactly how many of our long-time residents came to live here. People tend to come for vacation and never leave. We've got beautiful weather year-round, and on Oahu, you'll find all the amenities of a big city plus an outdoor-lover's playground. It's a wonderful place to build a career, raise a family, and more. 

What's not to love about living in a tropical paradise that's just a short five to six hour flight to the west coast of the U.S. Mainland? There are a few downsides, and the high cost of living provides the biggest challenge. On Oahu, we're in the midst of a housing shortage. We've got just over a million of the State's residents here, and not enough homes for everyone to be able to own one. You'll find the housing market competitive and prices likely much higher than you're used to. Rents can be even more of a shock, and it's competitive in our most desirable neighborhoods. Properties you see for rent in the usual places are often rented out the same day they're posted. 

When looking for a condominium or home to purchase, you'll run into the terms "fee simple" and "leasehold," which are different ways one can hold property in Hawaii. The first is the way most home buyers from the U.S. Mainland are used to - you own both your home and the land. Leasehold, however, is less simple. You own the home, but pay rent on the land it sits on. Financing leasehold properties requires specific characteristics of the lease. Start your search now. Contact me to learn more about how best to relocate to Hawaii.